WINNER PLUS – Puppy Starter – Dog Food


A nutritious and balanced feed, enriched with vitamins and minerals, ideal for weaned puppies of all breeds and for females during gestation and nursing period

Complete food for puppies and females during gestation and nursing period

WINNER PLUS PUPPY STARTER is a natural and gluten free complete feed, which is specially adjusted to the needs of puppies of all breeds at the age of 3rd to 4th week to the 4th to 5th month of life (depending on the size of the breed) as well as for pregnant and nursing bitches. It provides the necessary quantity and composition of nutrients for an optimal growth, healthy skeletal development and a powerful muscle structure. Easy to digest best quality chicken ensures a healthy supply of valuable animal protein and guarantees a good acceptance. The balanced calcium-phosphor ratio of this high-quality rearing feed supports optimal bone and joint development and covers the nutritional needs during the growth phase. Omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids provided in an optimal ratio ensure a healthy skin and shiny coat.

Made without classical grain, soy, eggs, dairy products, chemical colorants, flavouring substances and cereals containing gluten.

Available formats: 18 kg,3kg
Made From Germany

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Winner Plus

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18Kg, 3Kg


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